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When visiting Gardens of the Queen (Jardines de la Reina) or Ciénaga de Zapata on this special people-to-people educational program, you will be engaged in a full-time schedule of educational activities and meaningful exchanges with the Cuban people.

During the week, you will interact with local marine experts, Cuban scientists, and local marine biologists to understand how the years of conservation by the Cuban people have kept these reefs healthy and the fish plentiful. Each day, you will travel to a different area of the park.

Before your daily eco-dives, you will have lectures and discussions with the local scientists and marine experts who will give you more in-depth information focusing on the area you will see. In the daily follow-up gatherings, you will discuss what you have seen and the scientists will explain in further detail. Discussions will also include how the park is managed, what the challenges are, and how the Gardens of the Queen can serve as an excellent example of ocean conservation and preservation.